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Empower Health and Wellness offers comprehensive virtual primary care and vitality programs in Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana through affordable monthly memberships and single care visits. 

We understand how difficult navigating the often confusing and frustrating health care system can be – that is why we’ve created a system where you can experience nearly instant healthcare and ongoing, direct communication with your doctor without the time-consuming office visits, wait times, and long lines. 

Enjoy Telehealth the way it was supposed to be with Empower Health & Wellness.

Empower Telemedicine Services

Feeling run down? Have a question about a supplement you see on a shelf? Catch a cold? Need a refill? We’re here for you! Simply pick up your phone and text your primary care physician.

Our team of online doctors treat a wide variety of common healthcare conditions and provide a range of other services to help empower you and your health.

How It Works

After choosing one of our affordable monthly telemedicine memberships, you’ll download the Empower Health and Wellness app putting direct access to your virtual primary care physician in the palm of your hand. Simply schedule your first appointment, complete any necessary bloodwork or testing, video chat with your doctor, and receive your prescription! We believe your health is priceless – but so is your time! Enjoy simpler, quicker, and better healthcare with Empower Health & Wellness!


Sign up for an Empower membership and download the app.


Complete bloodwork at a local laboratory.


Enjoy your virtual doctor’s appointment and get the prescriptions you need.


Continue your health journey with our vitality programs!

Who We Are

At Empower Health and Wellness we hope to help you live a healthier, happier life by taking away two of the largest impediments in healthcare; cost and inconvenience. We provide Direct Primary Care telemedicine services and a customized Vitality Program. Our Mission is to EMPOWER individuals to improve their quality of life and vitality without leaving their home or office.

Our Vitality Program is for both Men and Women. We are happy to offer complete lab workups and treatments like testosterone replacement, growth hormone peptides, health coaching and weight loss, sexual health treatments and more.

We hope to resolve the Doctor Patient Disconnect with our subscription program of unlimited, nearly instant access and ongoing communication that will help you, the patient, take charge of your healthcare like never before.

Because Your Health is Priceless, but So is Your Time.


What is Empower Health and Wellness?

Empower Health and Wellness offers comprehensive virtual primary care and vitality programs in Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana through affordable monthly memberships and single care visits. 

What Services Do You Provide?

Our telemedicine services range from direct primary care, urgent care, and other vitality programs.  These programs include men’s testosterone replacement, growth hormone peptides, libido enhancement, and weight loss.

The vitality programs are available to add to any new or existing membership!

Learn more about all of our service options!

How Much Do Your Telehealth Services Provide?

Monthly telehealth memberships cost $99.95 per month with the option to add our vitality programs as needed.  

Single-visit appointments cost $64.95 per visit.  If you sign up for a membership within 30 days of your appointment, we’ll apply the cost to your membership!

Sign up for a membership or schedule your single visit now!  

Do You Accept Insurance?

No, but we do accept FSA and HSA payments.  For those without health insurance, Empower Health & Wellness offers an affordable way to receive the healthcare you and your family need!

How Often Can I Meet With My Doctors?

Your monthly membership includes unlimited access to your primary care physician.  You can communicate with him or her via text, phone, or video chats as often as you need.

Meet your doctor today!

Can I pay as I go Instead of Signing Up for a Membership?

Yes!  We offer single visits for those in need of urgent care or for those who are not ready to sign up for our monthly membership.  Learn more about our services or schedule your single visit now!  

Our Team

Our team of virtual primary care physicians are made up of real doctors and leaders in their fields. We strive to be the leader in Telehealth by offering virtual, individualized health and wellness. By combining direct primary care in combination with anti-aging medicine and virtual health coaching, our team is revolutionizing healthcare!

Todd Gaddis

MD, CEO, Co-Founder

Harrison Lewis

DMSc, MS, PA-C, Co-Founder



I have been very pleased with Empower. The app is easy to use, and I get responses from the Dr. very quickly. He is always willing to listen, and willing to personally call me, need be. Dr. Gaddis listens to me, my concerns and issues. I have previously used Teledoc and other systems, and I definitely prefer Empower. I highly recommend!

Leigh H. | Google


“Very convenient, professional and prompt service!”

Logan G. | Google


“Dr. Gaddis has an excellent understanding of what may be the issues at hand and immediately plans via tests and follow up, the protocol to get you back on the path to wellness.”

Keith H. | Google

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Phone: +1 (012) 345 67 89
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Empower Health & Wellness currently provides services in the state of Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Our clinic does not accept or bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do accept FSA and HSA payments.