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Direct Primary Care Services


We are proud to offer comprehensive primary care services – from general health and wellness to urgent care. We focus on keeping you and your family healthy. We believe once you try our simple model of nearly instant healthcare and ongoing direct communication with your doctor you won’t be able to imagine healthcare any other way. No lines, no office, no wait. Because your health is priceless but so is your time. We take away the middleman and make our extensive training and knowledge available directly to our patients.

We believe physicians need to explain more about diseases and treatment options in ways you can understand so you can be involved in the process of choosing the course of treatment. We need to be more scientific in our recommendations and use “evidence-based treatment” (EBT) guidelines whenever we can. We need to remember: “First, do no harm,” rather than simply reaching for treatments we’ve used in the past or the next new thing.

Have a question about a supplement you see on a shelf or online? Feeling run down? Catch a cold? Need a refill? Worried about your blood pressure? Traveling and forgot your meds? Simply pick up your phone and text us anytime. You will always get a quick honest response. We model our delivery of healthcare on real life, versus expecting you to wait for appointment times that only work for your doctor. We are there for you, right in your pocket. Simpler, Quicker, & Better.

Your Monthly Membership Includes

  • No co-pay, no deductible, one flat affordable monthly fee
  • Unhurried personalized video office visits
  • Providers that are interested in your overall health and work with you
  • Anytime Email and Text access to your physician
  • A personal relationship with your doctor
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Urgent care visits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Preventive care counseling
  • Treatment for anxiety and depression
  • Wholesale labs and X-rays through our lab and imaging partners
  • Unlimited asynchronous telehealth
  • Option to enroll in medical cost sharing with Sedera Health

For Employers

Direct primary care can be a great value-added benefit for your employees

With low monthly costs and personalized service, employers can see increased productivity, lower absentee rates and happier employees. The goal of DPC is to make it easy for your employees to get the help they need whenever and wherever they need it without putting you out of business.

  • Your employees love you because you offer COPAY-FREE PRIMARY CARE as a benefit of working for them
  • Less lost productivity because your employees can access their doctor quickly, they become invested in their own health once you make it convenient
  • Employee retention because you offer something that even some of the best benefits plans may not
  • More efficient and coordinated care

Please contact us to discuss a program that would be right for your business.

Multi family member discounts available

Urgent Care

Single Visit


Birth to 18



19 to 59



60 and Over



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Single Visits

Yes we do offer video telehealth visits for non-members at an affordable cost. These telehealth video visits are for single visits only, and allow the individual to explore the practice and the services offered. These one-time visits can be used for simple urgent care issues, which may include:

Medications that require long-term follow-up or chronic management are not typically prescribed in these visits.

In addition, these one-time video visits do not include the benefits of ongoing texting and email with your physician with medical questions.

For those interested in managing chronic medical conditions using telehealth, please look at our Virtual Direct Primary Care memberships. If you have obtained a video visit as a non-member, you may apply that cost toward a DPC membership registration fee within 1 (one) month of the telehealth video visit.

Empower Health & Wellness currently provides services in the state of Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Our clinic does not accept or bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do accept FSA and HSA payments.