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Online Peptide Therapy

Online Peptide Therapy

The future of regenerative medicine is here.  Peptides are dramatically changing lives for those seeking longevity and well-being. Online peptide therapy may offer benefits including, but not limited to, increased muscle mass, weight loss, increased sex drive, better sleep, overall improved mood, and a slowed aging process.

Online peptide therapy is available with all monthly Empower & Health memberships.

Is Online Peptide Therapy Right for You?

Peptides are the building blocks that makeup proteins. These naturally occurring chains of amino acids provide relief to common symptoms of aging including aiding in muscle repair, accelerated injury recovery time, promoting weight loss and lean muscle gain, increasing growth hormone production, and even help reverse the signs of sexual dysfunction.

As we age, our body’s natural production of essential amino acids decreases. Growth hormone production decreases by about 14% with each decade of life, resulting in decreased mental and physical function. Many necessary non-essential functions in the body are driven by these short chain amino acids. Peptides work by giving specific instructions to cells and molecules, making them a more effective alternative to traditional medicine. Because they are so specific to certain receptor sites, peptides are also well-tolerated with minimal side effects.

Peptides are available as a very small subcutaneous injection at this time but other formulations are in the works. Peptides are typically given in periods of 3-6 months depending on your goals.

Other Benefits of Your Monthly Membership

Direct Primary Care Telehealth Services

Direct Primary Care

Empower Health & Wellness provides Telehealth visits for non-urgent medical conditions including treatment for upper respiratory symptoms such as congestion and cough, muscle strain, urinary tract infections, return-to-work sick visits, and non-narcotic prescription refills.

Online Urgent Care Visits

Urgent Care

As a member of Empower Health & Wellness, you have nearly instant access to your physician for all urgent care issues.

Not a member just yet? No problem! We offer single visits to non-members for an affordable one-time fee.

Vitality Telehealth Services

Vitality Programs

Empower Health & Wellness aims to Empower you on your path to a full and healthy life. We’ve designed a number of vitality programs to ensure you have the support you need when you need it. Our vitality programs are for both men and women and include:

Online Testosterone Therapy

Libido Enhancement

How It Works

After choosing our affordable monthly telemedicine membership, you’ll download the Empower Health & Wellness app putting direct access to your virtual primary care physician in the palm of your hand.  We believe your health is priceless – but so is your time! Enjoy simpler, quicker, and better healthcare with Empower Health & Wellness!


Sign up for an Empower Health & Wellness membership and download the app.


Schedule your virtual doctor’s appointment and talk through what treatments are necessary to get you back to feeling your best.


Complete any bloodwork and get the prescriptions you need.


Continue your health journey with our suite of virtual benefits – all of which are included in your monthly membership!



I have been very pleased with Empower. The app is easy to use, and I get responses from the Dr. very quickly. He is always willing to listen, and willing to personally call me, need be. Dr. Gaddis listens to me, my concerns and issues. I have previously used Teledoc and other systems, and I definitely prefer Empower. I highly recommend!

Leigh H. | Google


“Very convenient, professional and prompt service!”

Logan G. | Google


“Dr. Gaddis has an excellent understanding of what may be the issues at hand and immediately plans via tests and follow up, the protocol to get you back on the path to wellness.”

Keith H. | Google

Empower Health & Wellness currently provides services in the state of Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Our clinic does not accept or bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do accept FSA and HSA payments.