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Direct Primary Care Services

Virtual Direct Primary Care You Can Count On

We are proud to offer comprehensive virtual primary care services to you, your family, and the entire Texas community.  We focus on keeping you and your family healthy. We believe once you try our simple model of nearly instant healthcare and ongoing direct communication with your doctor, you won’t be able to imagine healthcare any other way. 

No Lines.  No Office.  No Wait!

The Empower Health & Wellness Difference

We believe physicians need to explain more about diseases and treatment options in ways you can understand so you can be involved in the process of choosing a course of treatment. We need to be more scientific in our recommendations and use “evidence-based treatment” (EBT) guidelines whenever we can. We need to remember: “First, do no harm,” rather than simply reaching for treatments we’ve used in the past or the next new thing.

Communicate Directly With Your Provider

Have a question about a supplement you see on a shelf or online? Feeling run down? Need a refill? Worried about your blood pressure? Simply pick up your phone and text us anytime.

With Empower Health & Wellness, you will always get a quick and honest response. Our virtual approach to healthcare was built for real life. With nearly instant access to your physician, you can have real-time conversations with your physician about your health right when you need to.

Your Monthly Membership Includes

Direct Primary Care for Employers


With low monthly costs and personalized services, employers can see increased productivity, lower absentee rates and happier employees.

Please contact us to discuss a program that would be right for your business.


Is Direct Primary Care Included in My Monthly Membership?

Yes!  Your monthly membership includes unlimited access to your direct primary care physician.

What Does Direct Primary Care Include?

Your monthly Telehealth membership includes nearly instant access to your primary care physician. You can communicate with him or her directly via text, phone calls, or video chats!

Do You Have Family Discounts?

We do! If you’re interested in adding your family members to your monthly membership, please contact our team. Discounted rates are available!



I have been very pleased with Empower. The app is easy to use, and I get responses from the Dr. very quickly. He is always willing to listen, and willing to personally call me, need be. Dr. Gaddis listens to me, my concerns and issues. I have previously used Teledoc and other systems, and I definitely prefer Empower. I highly recommend!

Leigh H. | Google


“Very convenient, professional and prompt service!”

Logan G. | Google


“Dr. Gaddis was extremely helpful! The whole experience was seamless, thorough and efficient! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’ve recommended Empower since and this will be go to for any urgent care needs in the future!”

Lindsay G. | Google


“Dr. Gaddis has an excellent understanding of what may be the issues at hand and immediately plans via tests and follow up, the protocol to get you back on the path to wellness.”

Keith H. | Google


“Super fast response time. Listens to one concerns and addresses them. Friendly staff.”

Leo N. | Google

Empower Health & Wellness currently provides services in the state of Texas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Our clinic does not accept or bill insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do accept FSA and HSA payments.